J&K Consultants, Inc. is now Catilize Health

J&K Consultants, Inc. is now Catilize Health

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Making a meaningful difference

Catilize Health is the standalone professional benefit administrator of the Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan aka SIHRA or Spousal MERP. Employers and employees benefit because SIHRA reduces financial inequity, dramatically lowers risk and measurably increases the bottom-line. Catilize Health delivers niched benefits administration with a massively transformative purpose which enables Employer Plan Sponsors to effectively level the playing field of economic disparity so prevalent in today’s health plan designs.

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9 Ways to Manage Claims of Working Spouses

Before you cost shift onto your employees again next year (charging higher premium contributions and higher deductibles and increasing out of pocket expenses).

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Risk Management

The established science of risk management includes avoiding, reducing, retaining and transferring risk. You and your organization are best served when you can execute risk management strategies that measurably, predictably and repeatedly reduce the number, size, and frequency of medical and pharmacy claims this year… and every year in the future.

Social Value

Every organization partner and participant in our community helps to pay off the outstanding medical debt of fellow Americans and military veterans. Since Catilize Health only shares in the gains we deliver for participants (you only pay if we save you money), all of us together produce savings that meaningfully impact the financial well-being of millions of people.

Economic Value

The health care budget represents one of the three largest expenses in any organization. The financial impact touches all aspects of the organization that matters most. Participants experience financial well-being and less financial stress. As a result of eliminating out-of-pocket expenses, they are able to pay off other bills and debts, receive needed medical care and improve the quality of their lives.

Making a meaningful impact

Here’s what participants are saying

We are able to use the money we would have spent on medical expenses for other items. We are now encouraged to visit the provider when we need to versus deciding if we can handle the expense.

Angela S.

This program is amazing! It covers all my out of pocket cost. I have been using the SIHRA program for 2 years now and since going on it I have not had to pay out anything. My husband had shoulder surgery in February and we did not pay a penny for anything. It was great!

Shannon G.

Thanks to SIHRA, we have saved thousands of dollars in out of pocket costs over the past two years for my family of four. Most of our  practitioners accept it, but if not, filing a claim for reimbursement is easy. The Catilize staff is very helpful and responsive.

Joanna L.

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