Social Value

Eliminating financial inequity

Above & Beyond

Every organization partner and participant in our community helps to pay off the outstanding medical debt of fellow Americans and military veterans. Since Catilize Health only shares in the gains we deliver for clients (you only pay if we save you money), all of us together produce savings that meaningfully impact the financial well-being of millions of people.

The Total Rewards Experience

Your organization will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace making it easier to recruit and retain top talent.

The CHRO Experience

Most organizations have four or five generations in their workforce and health care is always ranked at or near the top of their priorities. The ability to offer health care with pricing stability and no cost shifting means when employees receive a pay increase next year they actually get to keep it.

The Participant Experience

People helping people is a fundamental foundation of our society. Participants receive a dual benefit of knowing that not only do they receive economic value but they’re also helping fellow Americans increase the quality of their lives.

The C-Suite Experience

As an organization sponsoring our MERP program, you are uniquely positioned because you not only provide social good but you also drive economic benefits to the bottom line. Liberating capital trapped inside OpEx is good for all parties in interest.

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